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Who is the author of dishes from snails?

Who is the author of dishes from snails?Delicacy is the dish with an unusual taste. People used to consume food with traditional tastes and content. The traditional menu consisted of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, however, the discovery of new lands and territories has brought new culinary tendencies into the cuisine of many countries. Columbus discovered the route to India that was used to bring species. The expansion of culture and art influenced people’s encouragement and brought the tendency to add delicacies into food. The founder of “high cuisine” is considered Marie Anthuan Karem in 19th century. The cuisine of the medieval ages was dull, but Karem used his experience and knowledge to diversify it with different ingredients, including snails.

Some history.

Marie Anthuan Karem was inquisitive, absorbed in reading and gathering different receipts. Those times were characterized by varieties of dishes, however, there were no receipt books, while they looked like the notes, describing the most useful properties of food. Snails meat was described as well. They were used by the ancient people, who cooked them in a primitive way, covering the shells with hot coals. However, later this dish has gained popularity and Romans started preparing snails for their soldiers during the long-lasting crusades. Thus, the popularity of mollusks has spread all over the world.

Beginning of the popularity of delicacies.

Who is the author of dishes from snails?When Marie Anthuan Karem was working as a cook in the Monistry of Foreign Affairs, he tried his best to fulfill his culinary dreams. Some people say that he has invented “Escargot de Bourgogne”. He was asked to prepare the supper for the late visit of the Emperor Alexander I, although there were no required ingredients and he found garden snails to prepare the delicacy for the Emperor. Karem added butter, garlic, parsley to enhance the unusual taste of snails and the Emperor was amazed with the unusual and wonderful taste, making this dish popular in his country together with oysters and other seafood.

Modern delicacies.

Even though this dish has become very popular, it is still considered a delicacy. It is actively used in the cuisines of Asia and Europe, while gaining its popularity in Ukraine as well.  Many Ukrainian restaurants introduce snails into their menus.


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