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Which food is better for Helix aspersa Maxima & Helix aspersa Müller?

Which food is better for Helix aspersa Maxima & Helix aspersa Müller?Helix belongs to helicid family, which unites diverse types of snails having visual similarities. These snails are originated from Europe and the biggest part of Mediterranean territories and most of them have spread on the continent. These types of mollusks are considered depredators of agricultural crops, because they are herbivores. Helix Aspersa is a predator as well, although it has a range of positive functions.

Grape snails are frequently met in our regions. They live in all gardens and valleys. However, Helix Aspersa maxima and Muller have gained the biggest popularity among the gourmets and cooks. They are used to cook delicacies.

Main cultivation rules.

Mollusks Aspersa Maxima and Aspera Muller are cultivated on the farms of closed and open types. Open farms provide them with natural conditions for living, closed ones have optimal temperature regimes.

In open-air cages, it is possible to create optimal living conditions. In spring, farmers plant vegetation to provide mollusks with food.

closed cages of the farm offer different conditions, as humidity level and daylight are created artificially here.

Nutrition of mollusks.

Helix aspersa Maxima, Helix aspersa Müller are herbivores. They consume plants, vegetables, a water melon, pumpkin or a squash and can digest it during several hours.

In the conditions of open farms, the farmers prepare the site for the migration of mollusks, growing plants for nutrition. Farmers plant burdock, nettle, dandelion, lungwort, radish and plantain. Grape leaves, vegetables, fruits, animal feed are used as fertilizers. Since snails get additional minerals from the soil, the quality of land is also significant. The acidity of the soil must be within the range between 5.8 — 7.5 pH, while the content of calcium should not decrease 4%.

Such a breeding system requires the ratio of vegetation and feed to be 70/30. That is, the main food is plant food, which, at the same time, acts as a protection from rain, sun, wind and hail. Such food should be enough for the mollusk to gain weight.Which food is better for Helix aspersa Maxima & Helix aspersa Müller?

Closed farms are an incubator for mollusks. The necessary conditions for normal life are created here. The main type of feed is feed stuff. This is a mixture of the necessary components that allow the snail to develop harmoniously.

  • Calcium is added to form a shell, the quality of which determines the life of a snail. As a rule, this is natural calcium in several versions.
  • The growth of the mollusk and body weight depend on this component.
  • Auxiliary components. It can be dried herbs, seeds and crops.

Plants with lush foliage are used as complementary foods to improve digestion and variety. The ratio of feed to vegetation with such a breeding system is 70/30. Now, there is less vegetation.

Adhering to a specific strategy and type of farm can ensure a good result, healthy offspring and quick payback periods. Gray snails are in great demand among consumers of this product. The taste parameters of snail meat depend on the type of feeding that the farmer chooses.

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