All mollusks are generally called snails. According to the area of habitats, they are subdivided into types and have different composition and shell. In general, snails have common structure:

  • Shell of a spiral (conical, rudimentary) shape that performs protective function of the internal and external organs;
  • A body with a head and a leg.

The body of the mollusk, its leg, is the largest organ, with the help of which the snail moves.

Physiology of movements.

Snails’ leg consists of muscle tissue, there is no bone, so the movement is being performed with the help of muscle contractions.  The reason of slow movement of snails

The movement looks like a flat glide. There is a small repulsion from the surface, where the animal moves. Muscle contractions happen in the opposite direction from the route. In other words, the direction of contractions takes place from the back of the moving leg to the front.

In the movement process the glands produce mucin, which facilitates gliding, reduces resistance to surfaces. This substance protects the body of the snail from cuts, scratches, splintering, and damage.

Speed of movement.

There are many snails that inhabit marine and terrestrial territories. All of them have different speed.

The gastropod mollusk of the helicid family can have speed of up to 7 centimeters per minute. Snails usually develop speed when they move in search for food, but they reduce the speed as soon as they reached it.

Heteropoda and Pteropoda are the sprinters. They can develop the speed of 12 meters per minute.

Conversely, there are parasitic mollusks that never move. They attach to coral reefs.

“Snail races”.

England is famous by the great number of competitions, conducted yearly. Snail races are also very popular. They are organized every year.  The reason of slow movement of snails

Norfolk County gathers hundreds of fans and snails. According to the competition rules, the participant that leaves the intended boundaries of the circle, wins.

This tournament has become traditional since 1960.

These competitions are gaining popularity in many countries, including Russia. In

2014 such competitions were conducted in Nizhny Novgorod. The competitors were Akhatins, which were stimulated by their favorite food.

However, the record belongs to Archie. They run 32 centimeters in two minutes. The prize was a silver goblet filled with lettuce to the top.

The last record was set in 1995. In 2010, the winner Sydney passed 32 centimeters in 3.41 minutes.

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