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Snails with frog legs

Snails with frog legs
  • BUTTER 200 GR.
  • OLIVE OIL 50 ML.
  • MILK 20 ML

snails-with-frog-legsFrench cooks are delicate and amazing. Practically no foreign menu has the word “ anuran”, because it does not sound pleasantly or evoke imagination. That is why in order to describe the dishes, containing frog legs, are called «nymphes». However, the true gourmet, who has seen the title «Jambes de nymphes avec escargots et purée à l’ail», on the menu, meaning «frog legs with snails and garlic puree” will definitely want to taste it. The French cook the frog legs for the Christmas dinner and this dish is a national one, underlying the uniqueness of the French.French cuisine is so delicate and diverse, able to meet the tastes of the most demanding gourmets with the most exclusive dishes: snails in burgundy, escargot de Bourgogne and many others.  In our recipe, we will try to combine such exquisite and delicious foods that not everyone will try.

To prepare  snails with frog legs, the following ingredients are required:

  • Helix pomatia Fillet 300 gr.
  • Frog legs 4 pairssnails-with-frog-legs
  • 1 batch of parsley
  • Couple of leaves of a fresh mint
  • Garlic 400 gr. (huge garlic)
  • Butter 200 gr.
  • Olive oil 50 ml.
  • Flour 3 tablespoons
  • White dry wine 150 ml.
  • Lemon
  • Milk 20 ml
  • Species (rosemary, basil mint, oregano),
  • Dijon mustanrd 1 teaspoon

snails-with-frog-legsIf you use live shellfish, they should be boiled first. Rinse them under running, cold water. Boil the water and add snails. Bring them to a boil and cook for 5 minutes. Copious foam is formed on the surface, so drain the water. Again, carefully washed, poured water, bring to a boil, salt, pepper, you can pour spices. Mollusks are boiled for 20 minutes. Then they should be cooled and cleaned, that is, to separate the edible leg from the intestine. It’s simple: remove the dark part that is inside the shell. The rest can be consumed. We will use snails fillet, however it is possible to serve the dish originally in the form of shells, stuffed with the cooked snails. The shell must be boiled in water with soda for 20 minutes. The frog meat is quite delicate, so its preparation should be careful.

Preparation of snails with frog legs

snails-with-frog-legsMollusk fillet should be marinated. T is necessary to mix fillet with the Dijon mustard, half portion of the wine, salt, pepper, species. Leave the meat meriting for 30 minutes.In the meantime, fill half of the saucepan with water, put it on the fire, throw garlic in it completely and cook for 15 minutes. Then, without turning off the fire under the saucepan, take the garlic with a whisk, cool it with cold water or ice. Peel, cut the stem and then send it back to water, until its complete softening. Put another saucepan on the fire, pour half a glass of water, put only leaves of parsley, a few mint leaves. Bring to a boil, boil the greens for 2 minutes, salt. When the leaves are welded, add 50 grams of butter. We beat the greens with a blender until a homogeneous sauce is formed.

We will heat the frying pan and oil. Dipping the frog legs into flour, put them on the pan. The oil must be hot to form a ruddy crust. Then, we turn over and add the legs and salt to marinated mollusks. After 3 minutes, pour the remaining wine, stew until the full evaporation of alcohol, and then add 50 grams of butter. Fry until the moisture evaporates, about 15 minutes. When the dish is ready to be sprinkled on top with chopped parsley, pour with lemon juice. Remove the dish from the fire, so that all the ingredients are exchanged fragrances, soaked with juices.snails-with-frog-legs

From the saucepan with garlic, drain the water; add 50 grams of butter, a little milk, salt, sugar to taste. Beat everything with a blender until puree is formed. The consistency can be adjusted with milk or oil. If you want the mashed potatoes to not spread over the plate, keep the shape, then you cannot add milk at all.

Serving: put garlic puree in the middle of a large, plate dish. Put frog legs with snails filet and place parsley sauce from the side. This delicacy is better to serve warm. Since this dish is complicated, it may be served with the simple drink, such as white dry white wine Bourgogne Shardonnae Cuve jerar Potel.

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