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Snails gain niche in the cattle breeding

Snails are peculiar for Ukraine. Many gourmets estimated the taste of these mollusks and it took its place on the menus of the leading restaurants.

The demand for this products surpasses the supply and such tendency is going to remain within 10 years. The competition among snail breeding companies is not high. By the way, the profit from such activity is high, as snails are highly valued in the market.

Demand for snails

Snails gain niche in the cattle breedingSnails are edible protein, vitamins rich and easily digestible. In addition, it has an unusual delicate flavor and pleasant texture. Therefore, snail fillets are often served in restaurants and cafes, baked with cream sauce.

Specialty delicacy (Escargo) is popular in France and Italy, but the consumption of the product by Ukrainians is also high. It is beneficial to breed mollusks both on the domestic and foreign markets.

In addition to cooking, creatures are used in cosmetology and medicine. The mucus contains a component that enhances the regenerative ability of tissues. Thus, cosmetics with snail mucin accelerate wound healing, smooth wrinkles, soften and have a rejuvenating effect.

Countries in which the cosmetic and medical industries are well developed (Korea, India, etc.) are ready to buy snails at high prices. Although, Ukrainian distributors export goods to Lithuania, Romania and Poland.

Advantages of Snails breeding in Ukraine

Snails breeding is easy. Why is their supply not equal to demand? The reason is favorable conditions for their livelihoods. The mild climate of Ukraine is perfect. However, in other countries it is not moderate, so Ukrainian businessmen have a clear advantage over foreign breeders. Those who have already realized the profitability of the snail business have become pioneers of this type of activity in Ukraine.

Advantages of snails breeding compared with other catlle breeding

Snails gain niche in the cattle breedingUnlike other types of livestock, this business does not require large financial investments. At the beginning, one can start with a small home farm, which can bring income in 1 year. You will need the following things to organize a farm:

  • breeding stock (300-400 snails ready for breeding);
  • platform and boxes for their placement;
  • feed and plants.

The main costs (especially if you are a suburban) comprise the breeding stock. Depending on the type of mollusks (namely, the speed of their growth and reproduction), you get new adults for sale in 1-3 years.

Which snails are being cultivated?

Ukrainians cultivate small and big grey snails. These species have excellent taste qualities and grow for 6 months. They can be grown in mixed conditions in Ukraine.

The price for snails export fluctuates between 1-1,2 US dollars for 1 kilo of the product. In 2018 the export reached its record and it keeps on growing.

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