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Snail slime is an innovative antiaging product

«Snails House» is not just the leading producer and supplier of live snails, but the best company, delivering snail extract. If you buy snail secretion at our company, you will get high quality product at reasonable price. We gather mucin from snails, grown at our farm in ecologically clean and favorable conditions. Gathered secretions correspond to all the technical specifications and quality standards.

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The researchers found out, that mucin contains set of substances useful for skin. Useful properties of the secret of mollusks were known in ancient Greece and Egypt, where it was used in medicine to treat the gastrointestinal tract and stomach ulcers. Creation of cosmetics with it started at the end of the last century. Examination of snails slime demonstrated that it contains allanotin, collagen, elastin, chitosan, glycolic acid, protease and vitamins A,C, E, B6 and B12. Due to these substances, snails muscus benefits face skin. It has the following properties:
  • Protective – prevents damage from sunlight, stops the aging process, due to the content of antimicrobial peptides, it protects against viruses and infections;
  • Smoothing – the depth of facial wrinkles becomes smaller;
  • healing – healing of damaged tissues becomes faster even after keloid scars, scars, stretch marks and acne;
  • restorative – improves the structure and color of the skin.
Thanks to these qualities, which have been proven in the course of the researches, snail slime gel has been used in creation of cosmetics for skin. In combination with other rejuvenating components, the secret of mollusks is included in cosmetics for women with a tendency to skin aging. These means help smooth out wrinkles, narrow the pores, and give elasticity, while stimulating the activity of collagen and elastin in epidermal cells. Extract is added into lighter gels and creams for rapid healing, smoothing and recovery after small scars, including traces of acne, as well as for reducing inflammation, reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and healing Snail slime creams moisten skin face. Hyaluronic acid in combination with other moistening elements, such as aloe, wets and tones the upper layer of epidermis. Snail slime face masks on a fabric basis are widely used. They have light silk texture and provide a deep penetration of useful substances, included in mucin.

Snail slime extraction techniques and other implementations of snails in cosmetology

  The extract is collected from all species of HELIX ASPERSA, as its composition is especially rich in hyaluronic acid, proteins and antioxidants. Their secretions have the same composition and properties. The company “Snails House” collects mucin only from the species, which have been grown on their own farm located in ecologically clean and favorable terrain in the most suitable period of the year. Neglecting correct conditions of food and nutrition affects the quality and appearance of the gathered products. At the beginning, snails are gathered from the plantations, washed and placed in special rooms, where the mucus secretion is stimulated by increasing the air temperature. This procedure does not harm shellfish. Using a large volume of water, the secretion is collected, filtered and washed. After the collection procedure, the safe and sound shellfishes are returned to the farm. There is another way of collecting mucin. The mollusks are placed in a special centrifuge and shaked, provoking an increased release of mucus. The obtained extract is also collected with water, filtered and washed. This method does not harm mollusks as well. The use of snails in cosmetology is not limited to collecting their secretion. Beauty salons have recently started offering a new service using cosmetic snails. Mollusks perform a kind of massage of the face, neck and thoracic area. Before the beginning of the procedure, they are first washed and laid on the client’s face or neck. When a snail has got used, it begins creeping, spreading the slime over the skin and performing massaging movements. After several procedures, the face becomes lighter, and the wrinkles are smoothed. «Snails House» offers you to buy snail slime of supreme quality.  Our products are preserved and packaged in specialized boxes. Cosmetics based on mucin extract have already gained fame in cosmetology and skin care. The secret of shellfish is used in production of creams, gels and masks with an extract of snails. One has to remember that using only high-quality mucin will help create truly unique and effective cosmetics.

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