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Snail pate is a traditional European delicacy

Cooked, live and frozen snails are among a wide range of products, offered by the snail farm «Snails House». We are engaged in breeding, cultivating and collection of different types of snails. Our company is ready to offer you to but snail pate. This delicate, gentle and extraordinary dish will catch fancy of amateurs of the high cuisine.  We cook pate, prepared from the shellfish, which have been grown and collected at our farm, located in the ecologically pristine areas. The receipt of our delicacy includes the freshest and most qualitative products.

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France has always been famous for its magnificent and exquisite cuisine. It generously presented the world with a large number of culinary recipes. One of the most important places in French cuisine belongs to pate. This word means not just a dish, but its consistency – a smooth, soft and unique homogeneous texture. The French make it from a wide variety of meats, poultry and fish, and snails are no exception.
“Snails House” produces pate from grape and garden snails, which are grown and collected on the farm in the natural conditions of snails’ habitats. We add natural butter, cream, fresh vegetables and spices, and other products of the highest quality into it. Due to specialized packaging, it retains its freshness longer and is suitable for transportation for long distances. Our pate is ready-to-use and all you need is just open the jar and beautifully serve it in order to have a luxurious restaurant course.

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For quick preparation of the gentle pate, you’d better to take frozen snail fillet, since preparation from live snails will take more time. You will need the following ingredients:
  • Snail fillet – 300-350gr.,
  • Wheat baton – 2-3 pieces,
  • mustard – 1 teaspoon.,
  • garlic -2-3 cloves,
  • bulb onion -1 piece.,
  • mayonnaise – 4-5 table-spoons.,
  • pickled cucumber – 1piece,
  • salt, pepper, twist of lemon peel, nutmeg to taste.
First you need to unfreeze the fillets. Then twist it together with bread and garlic in a meat grinder couple of times until the mixture becomes smooth. Instead of the meat grinder, you can use a mixer. Then put salt, pepper, finely chopped cucumber and other spices into the mixture. When the mixture has become homogeneous, add the mayonnaise and mix again well. Serve the pate in a chilled form on crackers or slices of dried bread. French preparations from snails have always been distinguished by their refinement and unforgettable taste.”Snails House” offers you to purchase high-quality, ready-to-use dishes, prepared after the most refined recipes of European cuisine. Our pate will impress you with its delicate texture and savory taste. Buying products at “Snails House”, you will get exquisite, delicious and dietary dishes at competitive prices.

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