Snail in Limousin

The company «Snails House» offers you to buy snails wholesale. Our snails are already prepared after one of the most luscious receipts, called «snails in limousin». You have a chance to buy a large bulk of ready-to-use snails and economize on cooking, cooks, equipment, but transportation as well. Our frozen products are delivered in special boxes to any part of the world.  All you need is warm them up and the delicacy is ready for consumption.

Buy snails, cultivated at «Snails House» in bulk

«Snails House» snails are cultivated on farms in ecologically sound conditions. When snails reach certain size and age, they undergo several stages of treatment and refinery. Snails are prepared with the use of high quality products and ingredients. Their meat is rich in vitamin B complex, vitamins PP, E and high amount of mineral elements that meat delicious, outstanding, but dietary as well.

Snails in limousin is a favorite receipt of all gourmets

This soulful dish is served in the elite restaurants of Europe. However, you may prepare it at home with the use of fresh or frozen meat of snails. For the preparation of this dish you will need the following ingredients:
  • Snail fillet;
  • butter;
  • walnut;
  • fresh garlic;
  • green parsley;
  • salt, pepper;
  • white dry wine;
  • breadcrumbs.
To start cooking, you have to wash the snails with water and remove them from shells. Then it is necessary to put mollusks into a saucepan, cover with water and boil during 1 or 2 hours on a low heat. It is required to add a glass of dry white wine to the water in order to make the snails’ meat particular tasty and aroma. The remaining shells should be boiled in salted water and dried. This time can be used to prepare sauce, for which you will have to melt butter until it is soft; cut the greens and mill the walnut. All the ingredients are to be mixed to become smooth and added with salt and pepper.  At the end of boiling, snails should be cooled in the broth. Then, it is necessary to stuff the shells with meat and sauce, put them into the saucepan for escargot and bake in the oven for 7-15 mins. Snails in “limousin” are ready, while walnut sauce emphasizes their special taste.

Where to buy wholesale «Snails in “limousin”?

The company «Snails House» is ready to offer ready-to-use delicacies. The best cooks work hard to provide you with our Snails in “limousine”. They use the best quality ingredients and first class white wine.  After the preparation, the products are frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees and packed into carton boxes per 5 kilos. All the products are adapted for long-distance transportation. Thus, purchasing our production provides you with the opportunity to get supreme quality products and economize on their preparation. We organize wholesale delivery all over the world!

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