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Snail health benefits

Many sources inform that snails accompany a person throughout history. Scientists have made a large number of studies and discoveries, studying this mollusk. Thousands of species have been found all over the world, but only some of them have been useful to people not only as food, but also as an amazing medicinal and rejuvenating remedy.Useful and nutritious properties of snails have long been proven and documented. These properties are so important that snails can occupy a high place in the food pyramid.

In Ancient Greece Hippocrates studied the snail slime characteristics. He found that mucus has a beneficial effect on hydration, regeneration and healing of the skin. Hippocrates also believed that the use of snails for food positively affects the treatment of hernia and various stomach diseases.Venetians used snails for medical purposes, mixing them with syrup. Such a mixture was used for treatment of pulmonary diseases. Mixed slime with sugar was used to treat the throat, while mollusks themselves helped with arthritis and various parasites.

After a long period of oblivion, towards the end of the 19th century, their popularity increased due to the spread of rumors of useful properties and exquisite taste. Only in 1960, the cultivation of snails was renewed on specialized farms with their application in pharmaceutics and later in cosmetology.

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At the moment, not all countries use snails for treatment or cosmetic procedures, but the fashion for them is spreading around the world. For instance, Japan has quickly adopted the idea that snail mucus has unique properties and began to make all kinds of creams and masks for skin care of the face and body from it. Japanese were also the first who started using snails for cosmetic procedures. This procedure is very rich and effective treatment of anti-aging skin changes. The Japanese use only three snails of the Helix Asersa Muller type. The use of mucus of this particular mollusk in cosmetology is considered to be the most fruitful, for eliminating age-related problems and for skin diseases. European countries successfully use a cough syrup with a snail ingredient. Homeopathic syrups with such a composition have effective expectorant and

diluting properties for cough and catarrh of the respiratory tract. They contribute to the rapid dilution and excretion of sputum from the lungs. Finally, the useful components that are contained in it, help restore the damaged epithelium of the larynx and bronchi. Syrups created on the basis of snails and their mucus is able to cure whooping cough, cough with flu, parainfluenza, and acute and chronic bronchitis. It has no side effects, so can be used to treat children.

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In the course of investigation of this remarkable mollusk, it was found that its consumption has a positive effect in any violations of the calcium balance. This is possible due to the calcium and vitamin A contained in it. Many doctors and nutritionists recommend snails for the diet of pregnant women and even children.

It was also found out that the chemical composition of snails contains a large amount of magnesium, which when used by man, has a calming effect on the nervous system, helps in the fight against stress, and improves lipid metabolism. To all these advantages, one can add that snail belongs to aphrodisiacs and plays a very important role in strengthening the male potency and the female libido. Thus, it can be said that snail health benefits consist not only in healing mucus, but also in nutrients, contained in its meat.

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Snails have a high nutritional value. Escargot has a delicate flavor and aroma. It is different from other types of meat high in protein and low in fat content. In addition, snail meat contains a large amount of mineral salts, especially calcium and iron, as well as amino acids, contained in the soft part of its body. As far as the calorie content of shellfish is concerned, one portion (a dozen) contains more than 80 calories, this making snail one of the least calorie foods.


The scientists noted positive effect of snail meat in the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia as well as its useful properties in diets for pregnant and lactating women. Another practical use of snails is diet for weight loss. Low calorie and lack of fat contribute to weight loss and improved metabolism.If we compare meat of shellfish with beef, chicken and flounder, we can note the following indicators: beef contains 214 calories, 15.4% fat, 18.8% protein and 62.8% water. Chicken, in turn contains 175 calories, 11% fat, 19.1% protein and 69.7% water. Flounder contains 82 calories, 2.6% fat, 15.9 proteins and 81.5% water. The snails meat contains only 67 calories, 1.7% fat, 13.4% protein and 84.9% of water.

From these indicators, we can conclude that snail meat is the most useful and dietary, even compared to other dietary products. It is used in many recipes for the preparation of escargot and other dishes, in European and other countries. It should be noted, if you are trying to lose weight with escargot, simply reduce the amount of oil in its preparation or use another recipe, since fatty butter does not contribute to the weight loss.


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