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Gentle snail fillet from «Snails House»

“Snails House” is the largest farm in Europe, where snails are grown, collected, but also cleaned, processed and cooked. The assortment of our farm offers live and frozen snails, as well as the most delicious and surprisingly tender fillets. When you buy a snail fillet at our company you get a high quality product that has already been prepared. Frozen and packaged fillets are ready for transportation for long distances. Due to vast territory of our farm, we are ready to provide you with the largest wholesale bulks of our products.

Buy frozen snail fillet wholesale

The farm “Snails House” is located in the picturesque and ecologically clean area, far from cities and dusty roads. The crop is collected manually by our highly qualified employees. They clean and chop the shellfish, removing the intestines and the shell. The intestines are disposed and shells are forwarded for further processing. They are required to serve dishes. The fillet, cleansed of mucus and dirt, goes through the preparation stage. It is boiled for thirty minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees. Then it is only half ready for consumption. The specialists from elite restaurants will deal with further preparation. Before transportation it is cooled, packaged in bags and, frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees in the form of briquette. The farm “Snails House” offers you the best quality fillets wholesale.

The use of snails fillet in cuisine

The world culinary uses a wide variety of edible snails, the most common of which are grape ones. Their meat is valued for useful properties and high protein content, but for a gentle and unique taste as well. Shellfish are used to cook a great variety of delicacies:
  • «Bourgogne snails «snails in limousine» as well as with other sauces,
  • Liver in oil,
  • Caviar in piquant sauce,
  • Several types of soups,
  • pates.
To cook escargot Bourgogne or escargot in limousine at home, marinated snails are mainly used. Buy snail meat is uneasy, as elite restaurants purchase it wholesale. European markets offer live snails, which are very time and labor-consuming.

Escargots de Bourgogne recipe

The recipe is quite simple if you have prepared fillets, washed and calcinated shells. The essence of the recipe is to stuff the shells with snail meat and butter sauce. You can use a wide variety of ingredients, from butter to a variety of spices and herbs to prepare sauce. The French are especially fond of experimenting with ingredients. Therefore, recipe “de Bourgogne” may contain not only oil, greens and garlic, but also nutmeg or smoked ham. Due to such experiments, the world receives many delicious dishes and delicacies.

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