Snail caviar

Snail caviar is a unique product

  There are numerous delicacies in the world, however «Snails House» offer you its unique product, rich in vitamins and minerals with the bioavailability that surpasses the sturgeon caviar.  We are happy to offer you our high quality product. «Snails House» gathers snail eggs at its own farm, situated in the ecologically pristine area. Quality and taste nicety of our caviar is explained by the fact that we gather eggs manually and carefully and marinade it after the unique receipt.

Biological value of escargot caviar  

Consumption of snails is not new. Dished, prepared from them, have been considered delicacies, while escargot caviar is getting popularity. Its unique composition is a balanced vitamin-mineral complex, which surpasses the usefulness of other types of caviar. It is peculiar by the high quantity of vitamins А, С, Е, D and such microelements as potassium, magnesium, zinc, ferrum, natrin and cuprum. Due to its rare composition, snail caviar improves the work of heart-vascular system, thyroid gland, and facilitates the work of the whole body.

Buy snail caviar wholesale at the farm «Snails House»

«Snails House» farm gathers snail eggs of Helix Aspersa Maxima and Helix Aspersa Muller types. Reproduction of these mollusks takes place in spring.  Snails are hermaphrodites so each is able to lay eggs. Overall, one Helix Aspersa Maxima snail is able to lay from 120 till 180 eggs in one egg mass, while Helix Aspersa Muller lays up to 120 eggs. About 300 mollusks can be used to get 1 kilo of caviar or 30000 grains. Snail eggs are white with smooth cover. They are very fragile, which makes them difficult to assemble. Since mollusks lay their eggs in the ground, the collection is carried out manually.  Almost at the jewelry level, each egg is collected and sorted with the help of a magnifying glass. «Snails House» farm offers you to order snail caviar wholesale. When you but our product, you are ensured to get fresh, qualified and ecologically clean snails caviar.

 How to marinate snail eggs ?

The gathered eggs must be washed under running water. There are two ways of conservation. The first one is pasteurization, which allows preserving the canned product up to 6 months from the date of gathering. This recipe uses salt and water. Prepared eggs are poured with brine, and then laid out in jars and pasteurized in a special laboratory. It was applied in the 80s of the last century. A significant drawback of this method is that the product loses its unique properties, and the shell becomes more elastic and does not burst in the mouth, which can make consumption pleasant. The second recipe is a unique method of storage invented by Dominique Pierre (French farmer) in 2004. Due to this recipe, eggs preserve their useful properties and burst in the mouth at the slightest touch with the soft palate and tongue. This recipe avoids pasteurization. The following ingredients are used:
  • Sea salt;
  • Rosemary extraction;
  • farina;
  • lemon acid.
These ingredients make the eggs softer without altering their taste and texture. Shelf life is 3 months under condition of maintenance in the refrigerator. Escargot pearls are not available for sale everywhere. They are usually delivered to the restaurants right from the farms. In the process of processing and conservation, the caviar acquires its rich white color, and looks like pearls. In some countries it is called “Pearl of Aphrodite”, because of external similarity, or because it is considered a strong aphrodisiac.

Why snail caviar is frozen?

Eggs mollusks can spoil very quickly. They cannot be preserved for a long time, because of hatching out or spoiling. There is only one way of storage, salting. It is not worth freezing, however, once you have already done it; store it at a temperature of -10 degrees. Its refreezing should be done gradually by means of increasing temperature up to +10 degrees for five days. With improper storage and unfreezing, the eggs turn purple, which means they are spoiled. The chefs from many elite restaurants prefer working with an exclusive delicacy, as they are attracted by the novelty and originality of the taste, which gives new and unique sensations. White caviar is usually served in the form of snacks on tartlets or toasts. It decorates exquisite dishes or is served with the creamy sauce at room temperature. Gourmets, who have tried this delicacy, describe their sensations as “an airy autumn taste with light forest notes.” Recently, interest in white caviar has increased. Cooks experiment and offer innovative dishes in their menus, using such phenomenal delicacy.

Snail eggs in cosmetology

Eggs of snails contain elastin, associated with a large amount of water, enzymatic substances and vitamins. The combination of highly elastic proteins with useful and unique substances of the mollusks extract gives an amazing effect in the process the skin regeneration and protection. It is considered a revolutionary product of a new generation in the sphere of cosmetology. The combination of these ingredients is successfully used in the composition of day and night creams for face and area around the eyes. After its application, the facial wrinkles are significantly reduced, the natural, healthy appearance of the skin is restored, and scars and scarring are considerably reduced. The farm «Snails House» offers you to order snail eggs, which have passed all the stages of processing and conservation. Due to it, product does not lose its properties even when it is transported for long distances.

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