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Snail caviar

caviar-of-snailRecently, black or red caviar, was a delicacy, which was afforded by everyone. Nowadays, it can be found on the shelves of reasonably priced products, but gourmets do not stop demanding something new from the producers, making them to search for new gastronomic delights. Snail caviar was one of these discoveries true connoisseurs nicknamed it as «pearls of Aphrodite.»

The grape snail, Helix Muller and Helix maxima, are capable of laying eggs several times a season under favorable conditions. One laying can contain up to 80 eggs. They resemble small balls for ping-pong in shape; have 3mm size, translucent, milky, soft texture. Only Muller eggs have smaller diameter.

A couple of farmers from the North of France were the first who introduced caviar in restaurants menu. They created the procedure how to collect such a delicate product, salt it and properly store it. This product has become an alternative to expensive sturgeon caviar.

caviar-of-snailNowadays, caviar of snails is popular in many restaurants. The process of its extraction is very laborious and requires a lot of time. Its taste is compared with sturgeon caviar or the taste of baked mushrooms. There is also a piquant taste of woody notes, characterized by experts as «a light autumn taste with forest notes».

In addition, caviar has many useful ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Its beneficial effect on the human body is demonstrated by the leading nutritionists of the world. Long-term use favorably affects the work of the cardiovascular system.

This delicacy is used in the form of a piquant note to refined dishes of haute cuisine, or on a warm toast with truffles and herbs, and as an aperitif perfectly suited sparkling wine. Therefore, if you have not tried such a gastronomic masterpiece, do not delay the journey to the country of tastes!



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