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«Snails House» -is the largest farm, specialized in cultivation and breeding of snails in Europe.  We offer you to buy wholesale quantity of live, frozen and cooked snails, as well as refined and ready-to-use shells. When purchasing our products, you are ensured to get high quality product that was grown and gathered on the environmentally pristine fields of the farm. Our escargots undergo careful control, refinery and processing. We invite you to try land snail shells at the most profitable and flexible prices. «Snails House»  escargots can be delivered to any part of the world.

What one needs to know to buy snail shells?

The farm «Snails House» placed its fields in the ecological clean village, where snails live in natural and favorable conditions. The snails that have reached the necessary size are gathered manually. We cultivate Helix Pomatia snails, known also as edible snails and breed Helix Aspersa Muller and Maxima, named as garden snails. They have similar yellow-brown or yellow-white spirally bended shells.  Dark and light stripes go along the back. The garden type of snails has more signified stripes, which can be dark-brown or almost black.
The color and visual appearance of shell define the quality of snails. Their shells consist of calcium carbonate and other microelements, which can be found in the environment, where the snails live. The shell grows and increases in the process of mineralization, therefore the snails require mineral diet in the early days. When mollusks are in the caviar stage, they are surrounded by the calcium membrane, which they use as a food right after emergence. Later on, they consume calcium from food, found in the nature.

Buy high quality snail shells in large bulk

Healthy mollusk shell, which has received balanced nutrition, containing calcium and other microelements, is hard and shining, without visible damages. It also has distinct color and well-defined stripes. The shell size and number of curls depend on the mollusk age. You can order clamshells or snails at our farm. Our assortment offers snail fillets and snails separately. You may use them to prepare different dishes without spending time for handling so you are to stuff the shells to have the delicacy ready.

How snails are taken from shells?

The dishes from snails are usually served right in the shells in the French cuisine. In order to separate shell from mollusk, you will need to wash them several times in flowing water. Afterwards, they should be boiled in salt water during 5-10 mins. This procedure leads to the release of mucus, which should be washed. When mollusks are cooled, they can be got out of the shells. For doing that, you have to take shell and pin the leg of mollusk with the fork or toothpick to get it out from the shell. Then, mollusk is separated from its intestine and cooked according to the receipt. This procedure is a bit different under production-line conditions. Mollusks are boiled in special vats and undergo several stages of refinery. After cooling, they are taken manually with special devices. The shells are sent for further processing. The shell processing takes a lot of time. First, they are carefully washed, warmed up in a special cook at a temperature of 100 degrees and dried at the end. During the several hours of processing, shells become lighter, while characteristic smell disappears. The shells are carefully examined and scrapped, in case any minor chip is found. The reason is that a sharp edge is able to lead to serious wound; therefore, all unacceptable shells are disposed. «Snails House» offers you to buy snail shells, passed all stages of handing and packaged in specialized boxes, appropriate for long-distance transportation. Plating in your restaurants will become easy and comfortable with our snails. Their beautiful shell will make them look appetite and aesthetic.

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