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Snail shells

Snail shells from «Snails House»

«Snails House» -is the largest farm, specialized in cultivation and breeding of snails in Europe.  We offer you to buy wholesale quantity of live, frozen and cooked snails, as well as refined and ready-to-use shells. When purchasing our products, you are ensured to get high quality product that was grown and gathered on the environmentally pristine fields of the farm. Our escargots undergo careful control, refinery and processing. We invite you to try land snail shells at the most profitable and flexible prices. «Snails House»  escargots can be delivered to any part of the world.

Helix Aspersa Maxima Shells

Helix Maxima Shell

Weight: 1 kg-unlimited

Shell diameter: 35-45 mm — 1.37-1.57 in

Packing: packaging net, plastic box.

Composition: Helix Aspersa Maxima Shells

Helix Aspersa Muller Shells

Helix Muller Shell

Weight: 1 kg-unlimited

Shell diameter: 20-25 mm — 0.78-98 in

Packing: packaging net, plastic box.

Composition: Helix Aspersa Muller Shells

Helix Pomatia Shells

Helix pomatia shell

Weight: 1 kg-unlimited

Shell diameter: 30-45 mm — 1.18-1.57 in

Packing: packaging net, plastic box.

Composition: Helix Pomatia Shells

What one needs to know to buy snail shells?

The farm «Snails House» placed its fields in the ecological clean village, where snails live in natural and favorable conditions. The snails that have reached the necessary size are gathered manually. We cultivate Helix Pomatia snails, known also as edible snails and breed Helix Aspersa Muller and Maxima, named as garden snails. They have similar yellow-brown or yellow-white spirally bended shells.  Dark and light stripes go along the back. The garden type of snails has more signified stripes, which can be dark-brown or almost black.  

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