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Preparation of snails

Interest to exotic cuisine was peculiar to all people, who go hand in hand with evolution. At e beginning people were interested in exotic products mainly because of hunger rather than curiosity. Since preparation process was difficult, people consumed everything that they could find at hand.

When the Neanderthals got fire, cuisine and method of creating food masterpieces were changed radically. The products were treated by heat and variety of dishes increased dramatically.

Preparation of snailsWith the advent of prosperity, humanity began to appreciate the quality of food. This period witnesses the growth in the amount of gourmets, connoisseurs of culinary delights and, of course, unique chefs who come up with grandiose masterpieces from ordinary products. At the moment, it is more difficult to surprise a potential consumer. A simple piece of meat, cooked on a grill, ceased to stimulate the taste, but prompted the meat manufacturer to grow special varieties or come up with alternative cooking solutions.

Modern chefs introduced «high cuisine», which makes the newcomers do their best to reach a given target. Cooking has reached the level of art, outgoing the level of gastronomy. Dishes have become like canvases of artists skillfully painted with an experienced hand.

Trying to reach originality, chefs of restaurants use the most extravagant components and various techniques. The demanding gourmet may get platinum club sandwich von Essen, Fugu fish, white truffles, gold leaf and snail caviar. The last ingredient has recently appeared on the menu. Caviar, as well as meat of snails, is quite unusual product. However, correct treatment and original recipe are able to create a real gastronomic shock.

There are several technologies of preparation of snails’ delicacies:

  • escargot,
  • marinating,
  • stewing,
  • browning.

As a result, there are a lot of dishes from snail meat, which can be found in restaurants, but cooked at home. The most common technique is escargot. There are a lot of variations, but serving and major ingredients are the same. They include:  green oil, placed in the shell together with the fillet of mollusks. This dish is considered traditional among the French, but it is the most common among the chefs. Gentle texture of butter in combination with herbs and garlic give an exquisite taste to the snail texture.

Preparation of this delicacy may seem too tedious, but modern manufacturers have facilitated the processing procedure and offer a finished product that requires only a ten-minute treatment in the oven.

However, if you decide to cook this masterpiece yourself, please, keep in mind the following:

  • snails can be found in nature, especially after rain;
  • prior to cooking they must be kept on a flour diet. i.e feed them with flour only;
  • Cover the snails with salt and then rinse carefully in order to get rid of mucus;

Preparation of snailsThis is a preparatory process, necessary for cleaning. Next stage includes the recipe. Snails can be boiled, baked on a grill or fried in a frying pan. Meat of this mollusk is so versatile that it is perfectly combined with all components, takes the aroma of spices and changes the dish. The simplest receipt is «snails on grill.» You have to remove the snails from their shells and place them on grill for 10-15 minutes. Any sauce that does not require much time, will match this simple meal. Your company will definitely be surprised, and you will be enlisted in the ranks of experimenters. But if you want to surprise or create an elegant dinner, more time is required.

If one stews the snail fillet in wine with spicy herbs, great sauce that fits any garnish can be received. If you boil them with aromatic root vegetables, and then twist through a meat grinder with a crumb of white loaf, stewed mushrooms and nutmeg, be ready to get a great snack, which can be served on toasts or crackers. If boiled snails are marinated in red cayenne pepper with olives and white wine, with addition of grilled vegetables, you will get a summer dish with spicy notes. Risotto, polenta, salads, pasta and cheeses combined with snails, can decorate any table. It is necessary to remember that mollusk’s meat is dietary and well assimilated. So do not be afraid of experiments. After all, once, primitive people took the first step towards the unknown, which led us to such a variety of products. Join the gourmets and enjoy delicious dishes from snails!

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