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Peculiarities «Snails-house»

The farm «Snails-house» is a leader in the sphere of growing, breeding, making products from Helix aspersa Muller and Helix aspersa maxima types of snails. Our company has become successful due to numerous efforts we have made.

  • Location.

“Snails-house” is situated in Kharkov region in the ecologically clean region. It is surrounded by pine forest and is located far from city noise. The territory of 60 hectares helps us to be called the largest company for snails breeding.

  • Diversity.

We have mixed type of production because our farm has open enclosures, greenhouses and closed production premises. Thus, we have the chance to breed Muller and Maxima snails all year round. Moreover, incubation systems help save offspring.Peculiarities "Snails-house"

We offer a wide range of products, which is not limited to:

  • frozen and live clams,
  • snail caviar
  • canned products
  • cooked products (Escargot),
  • fry for breeding,
  • snail mucus.

Products from «Snails-house» are popular among restaurants and large manufacturers.

All stages of production undergo quality control, so our products comply with European standards, have the appropriate certificates and are environmentally friendly.

We do not use chemical additives, growth hormones for a quick profit, modified raw materials in the process of breeding and manufacturing products.

  • Communications.

We are free to provide people with all sorts of delicacies in order to introduce them with the most exquisite dishes from snails. Our website is always ready to provide you with any information, meanwhile our managers are free to respond to inquiries any convenient time. We also offer several excursions to our farm to share the experience of breeding and raising snails, to demonstrate our achievements.Peculiarities "Snails-house"

  • Carefulness.

Our employees are highly skilled professionals, who are responsible in gathering, processing and preparing snails. For cooking Escargot, our cooks use traditional recipes, create original culinary masterpieces and use natural additional products, such as butter and olive oil, herbs and spices. Each snail selected undergoes several degrees of purification to ensure delicacy of taste.

  • Price.

Taking into account that «Snails-house” is a manufacturer, we offer a fair price.

Employees have individual approach to each client, ensuring timely deliveries.

“Snails-house” is a reliable partner, ready to offer high-quality gastronomic delicacies!

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