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Our Guests from Spain

Our Guests from Spain

Snails House farm

 Amicable meeting with the representatives of the company Caracoles» took place at the farm «Snails House». This Spanish company deals with wholesale distribution of snails to the restaurants and supermarkets. In the course of the meeting we organized an excursion on the fields of farm, where the guests familiarized with the living environment of mollusks. The size of the farm impressed visitors, who admitted that conditions of cultivation are ecologically clean and favorable for further development and population growth.

 Visitors from Saragossa familiarized with the production range of «Snails House» and degusted some dishes, prepared after the European receipts. In warm and friendly atmosphere new friends shared their unforgettable impressions about our farm and discussed the latest tendencies of the world market. The representatives of «Caracoles» showed their interest in development of partnership with «Snails House» and purchase of a large bulk of meat.

Helix aspersa snails

Snail House dinner

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