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The farm «Snails House» offers you a wide variety of snail products, including pate, shells and snail caviar. Our snails live in natural conditions and are fed with plant food. All the offerings at the farm are tasty and have useful qualities. Buying production in bulk, you are ensured to receive products of the highest quality at competitive prices. All products are packaged in convenient boxes for transportation. We can deliver wholesale quantity to any part of the world.

Product diversity at «Snails House»

Snails are favorite delicacy of many Europeans. Major consumer is France. The lack of this product has created the necessity to buy this delicacy and its products in other countries. The farm «Snails House» offer frozen escargot and other products. We deal with cultivation and growth of grape and garden types and product range includes:
  • caviar,
  • pate,
  • shells.
The workers of the farm collect each species carefully and manually. In the process of refinery, they separate the shells that undergo special cleaning and are warmed in ovens. When processing, shells acquire an aesthetic and savory appearance. Snail shells are carefully examined and the chopped ones are selected. Serving food in shells provides the dish with an unusual and attractive appearance. Snail meat is carefully cleaned and processed for further use. It is used in preparation of many dishes and pate. The texture and unforgettable taste of the prepared pate will satisfy the most demanding gourmets. We use only fresh products for its preparation Snail caviar is getting popularity in Europe. Its white, mother-of-pearl grains are very similar to pearls, that is why it was called “Pearl of Aphrodite” in some countries. It is rich in complex B and vitamins A, C, D, and E. It also contains a large number of potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, sodium and others. Due to the unique and balanced composition, caviar improves the functioning of cardiovascular and digestive system, thyroid gland and increases working capacity of the whole organism. In addition, it is considered a strong aphrodisiac.

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We offer you to buy different products of our farm in large bulks. The assortment of «Snails House» is cooked in observance of all the necessary stages of refinery and preparation. Due to special packaging, our delicacies are protected from quality loss and appearance in the process of transportation. When offering at our farm, you get the best purchases that can be delivered to any part of the world.

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