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Myths about snails

Snails are rather mysterious creatures, so in case one has decided to initiate snail farm, it is necessary to know some common myths about them.


The first myth: Akhatina is the same with grape snails

Myths about snailsIt is a wrongful myth, because these snails are different. Akhatina is a huge African snail with a beautiful color of shell, pointed at the end. Its size is 13-15 cm in general, but it can reach 25 cm!

Grape snail has smaller size and came from Europe. This type can be found in nature. It has round shell. Both types have different living conditions and are used in food.



The second myth. Snails are helpful for skin

This myth is partly truthful.  The use of snails in cosmetics has become increasingly popular recently. They are particularly used in Korean cosmetic producers that add snail components in creams, masks and serums. However, raw materials, added in cosmetic products should be carefully rinsed and prepared.   So it is better avoid using snails from streets.


The third myth. Bright vegetables affect shell color

The color of the shell is laid hereditarily Therefore, vegetables can affect digestive system of snails, but not their color and taste.

The fourth myth. Eating paper is useful for snails

This myth is absolutely wrong, since paper can cause harm to snails.  It is stated that paper is a source of calcium and cellulose, however, it can cause harm because of the high content of chemicals, contained in paper.


The fifth myth. Snails are perfect for children with an allergy

This is partially correct. Although, snails do not cause allergy, the food that is given to snails can lead to allergy in children.

The sixth myth. Washing of snails should be under running water

When the snail is put under cold water, it pulls its neck. It means that snails do not like this procedure.


The seventh myth. Soil for begonia and azalea is appropriate for cultivation of snails

Soil mixtures are not suitable for snails, as fertilizers, contained in them, are harmful for snails.


The Eighth myth. Snails fell into hibernation

Myths about snailsThe snail can be hidden in its shell because the environmental conditions are not suitable for them.

Snails should be cared for regularly, so the result of cultivation depend upon the environment, breeding, water and general conditions.

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