Adhering to the rules for keeping snail broodstock contributes to a high level of reproduction on your farm.KEEPING OF SNAIL BROOD STOCK

Director of technological processes of our company “Snails House”, developed the rules that we recommend following:

  • the comfortable temperature for Helix aspersa Maxima — 19-21 ° С, for Helix aspersa Müller — 14-16 ° С ;
  • on the area of ​​the vertical film and the uterine table should be no more than 50-60 snails per one m2;
  • daylight hours — 15-16 h;
  • level of humidity in the uterine room: during the day 75%, at night 90%;
  • levels of the uterine tables have to be separate from each other;
  • purity: every day you should collect dead individuals, rinse the uterine tables and remove the remains of compound feed;
  • choose the best snails for the broodstock;
  • you should feed you snail reproductors with special compound feed;
  • workers have to follow hygiene standards (disinfectant rugs in front of the entrance, hats, replaceable clothing, gloves )in order to prevent the entry of pathogenic microflora into the uterine room;
  • after hibernation snails should recover — 3-5 weeks.

Our advices will help you to get healthy baby snails and increase the reproduction of broodstock .


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