Heliceculture (growing up snails) is breeding industry with a high additional value. Europeans have been involved in snails breeding for many years, as this business is lazy, because

●      Snails are not selective and eat herbs and available food;

●      There is no need to intervene in the process of breeding and growing up;

●      Each snail can reproduce.

Heliceculture in Ukraine

This area is not developed in Ukraine, however, the general demand leads to the increased production of productions from snails and their breeding. There are many snail farms in the Western part of Ukraine, where mollusks are being bred in the ecologically clean region of the Carpathians. They are delivered to the European countries. Despite the supply chains and well-developed channels, they meet only 30 % of demand.


How not to lose?

Although the process is simple, there are certain risks to consider. The organization of business requires careful preparation, plan of actions and potential buyers.IS IT PROFITABLE TO INVEST IN SNAILS?

There are four categories of customers for the domestic market:

● restaurants;

● companies of convenience foods and canned goods;

● cosmetology salons;

● pharmaceutical enterprises.

Large farms are focused on export, so they should have certifications of quality to be eligible to sell snails to foreign markets.

Types of snails’ farms

private territory

It requires minor investments. Breeds stock can be gathered in the forest. The fence is required to install, to protect the snails from insects and dangerous animals (dogs, hedgehogs, cats, moles and birds).

Open farms

The pitch with a prepared soil is required:

● average acidity;

● loose soil;

● disinfection.

The land should be fenced, planned with grass and vegetation. The site is enclosed, planted with grass and other plants with juicy green leaves. It is high time to buy a breeds’ stock.

The business is seasonal. Snails hibernate in late autumn.

Closed farmd

This is a greenhouse type of farm. They should have buildings, equipped with an irrigation, ventilation and heating systems.

It is necessary to install boxes for adults, young animals and eggs.

Farm with a production line

Manufacturing of products from snails is also very profitable. The following products can be prepared:


● pastes;

● frozen semi-finished products (escargot);

● snail caviar;

● mucus extract, etc.

The companies deliver products to France, Italy, Spain. Baltic countries and Poland, engaged in processing and further sales, are also the basic consumers.

Ukraine has not developed this industry yet, because it is associated with investments and certain risks. Elimination of these risks is possible after training and learning information about the principles of this business.

Upon the condition of cautious preparation, you will be able to gain profit quickly.

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