European restaurants offer a variety of dishes from snails. Each cook has his secret.

The most prevalent dishes

Hot snack escargot is extremely popular. It consists of a snail fillet in a creamy sauce, white dry wine and garlic. It is served in the shell with the special  utensil, namely escarging dish (a plate with holes for 12 or 24 pieces), tweezers to hold the shall and a fork to remove snails’ meat.HOW SNAILS ARE CONNECTED WITH RESTAURANT BUSINESS

Small street cafes offer a wooden skewer and serve the dish in the plate.

The recipe of Burgundy escargo a classic one. It was named after the Burgundy snails. The most delicious snails are collected in this region.

Moreover, there are other variants of the dish:

  • escargos in a limousine;
  • Dijon escargo
  • Saffron.

In the late spring and summer the French prefer grilled snails (grilles) or shellfish cooked in a burning cognac (flambés).

In Alsace (Northeastern France), tender meat is stewed with shallots in white wine.

The French eat snails with wine. The best wine is well-chilled white dry noble drink, for example Muscadet, Saumur sec, Riesling, Tokay, Chablis, etc.


Influence of the cuisines of other countries

Due to the migration, Europeans have become more open to new tastes and recipes. There is a great variety of snails, namely

  • Maltese snails (stewed in red wine with basil and marjoram);
  • Cretan shellfish (fried in olive oil with wine vinegar and rosemary);
  • Turkish yahniya (rice with snails and tomatoes);
  • Spanish paella with gastropods;
  • Bulgarian plaia (snails baked with vegetables);
  • pilaf with shellfish, etc.

These dishes come from the cafes of migrant quarters.

Snails in Ukrainian Restaurants


Although our country is still in the process of exploring exostic food, this process is fast.  The demand for snails meat in domestic market has grown more than in hundred times over the past five years!

Many Ukrainian restaurants of European cuisine cook dishes from snails. The chefs try to make these dishes popular. There are many dishes from snails in modern Ukrainian restaurants. The shellfish are collected in Ukraine.HOW SNAILS ARE CONNECTED WITH RESTAURANT BUSINESS

In recent years, many snail farms have been created. They cultivate grape snails, Achatina fulica (giant African achatina), Aspersa Maxima and Aspersa Muller (varieties of garden snails).

Also, caviar is an expensive gourmet delicacy, which is served on toasts with martini or champagne. It looks noble due to the eggs that look like pearls.

Unfortunately, the price of this delicacy is too high, so it is not popular in our country. Its cost is about 250 euros per 100 grams. However, the Ukrainians have become the amateurs of different dishes from snails.

If you own the Restaurant of European cuisine, add snails’ dishes to the menu!

Training of the personnel is not necessary. There are companies that deliver frozen and semi-ready products, the preparation of which takes 10 minutes only!

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