Helix pomatia

Helix pomatia or grape snail

There are many types of edible snails. The farm “Snails House” is engaged in the cultivation and collection of some species. Helix pomatia, also known as grape snail has amazing taste qualities. “Snails House” offers you to buy live, frozen and cooked grape snails wholesale. All our products are of high quality and undergo several stages of cleaning and processing. They are packaged in specialized packaging to preserve the freshness of the product during transportation over long distances.

Conditions for living and cultivation of grape snails

Grape snails live mainly in France, Italy, Russia and the United States, but they can be met in other countries. Acclimatization of this species requires a lot of time and care. Helix pomatia lives in wooded areas or vineyards, away from strong winds and sea. They prefer places with high humidity and moderate temperatures. Because of the intolerance of direct sunlight, this kind prefers hiding in the shadow of hedges, bushes and vineyards. Maturity of Helix pomatia starts at the age of 2 to 4. The size of the adult species reaches about 50 mm, and the weight is from 20 to 50 g.
 Reproduction takes place in spring, approximately at the end of May. This period depends on temperature conditions and humidity. The fertilized species lays eggs in the ground. This kind’s eggs lay ranges from 40-60 pieces. Snail eggs, like meat, are considered a gastronomic delicacy and are very appreciated in many countries of the world. From March till the beginning of the cold period, the snail leads an active lifestyle. Since autumn it falls into hibernation and buries into the ground for 30 cm.

What are helix pomatia fed with?

Both, predatory and herbivorous species of mollusks, which occupy almost all areas of habitat, can be met in nature. Helix pomatia basically eats vegetative food (leaves, greens, fruits and vegetables), but there are cases of eating food of animal origin. Depending on the type of food, their meat acquires a corresponding taste. Therefore, in Ancient Greece and Rome, they were fed with wine, flour and aromatic herbs.

Use of grape snails

The grape snail was used as food in the Ancient World. Nowadays, Europe uses this delicacy product on a large scale. However, only at the end of the last century, people started using grape snails in cosmetology. Studies of mucus demonstrated the useful properties of mucin contained in it. Now mucin is widely used in the creation of a variety of creams and face masks. The “Snails House” farm collects and grows several species of edible snails, which are successfully used in the cuisine of many countries. Snail farm is located in the natural habitat of mollusks. In our assortment you can find live and frozen snails, but also
  • slime,
  • caviar,
  • shells.
You are free to buy grape snails for the restaurant at the farm «Snails House». Buying from us, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality products. Wholesale bulks of our products can be transported to any point of the world. Love for snails and dishes from them spread around the world. Elite restaurants of many countries increasingly offer dishes from a unique shellfish, cooked according to the refined recipes of European cuisine. The “Snails House” farm collects and grows several kinds of edible snails, which are successfully used in cuisine of many countries.

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