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Helix Aspersa Maxima

  Snails are delicacy that gets popularity in different countries. There is high diversity of edible snails in nature; however, Helix Aspersa Maxima is one of the most convenient for cultivation at farms. «Snails House» grows this type in natural and ecologically friendly conditions. Creating favorable conditions for growth and breeding, we cultivate shellfish of the highest quality. «Snails House» offers you to buy frozen fresh and cooked meat wholesale at the most reasonable prices.

Live garden snail

Weight: 5 kg-unlimited

Quantity per kg: 60-70

Packing: packaging net, plastic box

Expansion and types of garden snails

  Helix Aspersa Maxima – is one of the species of garden snails that has been received by means of selection. It is mainly grown in Western Europe, along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as in other countries with the most suitable climate for their dwelling. Due to its ability for quick adaptation, this species has also spread to other continents.

  Large grey or “gros gris”, as the French call them, were bred at the end of the last century by French breeders. Their goal was to deduce the species of mollusks with a lighter shell, tender meat and short cycle of reproduction and growth, compared to Helix pomatia. In the process of work of breeders, species of mollusks have been bred. They have similar taste with the grape snails, grown in Burgundy.

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