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Facts about snails

Interesting facts about snails

Someone can suggest that snails live dull and boring life; however, there are many kinds of literature and different reports about snails. We will try to amaze you: The only mollusk, living on a dry land. The world is represented with two hundred thousand species of these animals, half of them belong to the order of pulmonary, terrestrial gastropods, the rest species exist exclusively in water.

First inhabitants of the planet

AlviniconchaThe appearance of mollusks is attributed to the Cambrian period. It was about five hundred million years ago! There is a fossil that belonged to the thorny murex, a relative of the land mollusk about 5 million yesrs ago.There are species that transmit parasitic infection dangerous to humans. For example, schistosomiasis, is dangerous for the infectious form of cercaria, which leads to liver disease, spinal cancer and brain damage. Cones are poisonous and deadly to humans. To catch his prey, this mollusk releases a poisonous harpoon, hitting and immobilizing the victim. Prickly Murex has beautiful shell with a lot of pointed spike-like branches that can harm the body if it comes to it. Alviniconcha, also called punk rock snail, looks like a sea urchin.

Snails are record holders of the Guinness Record Book of records

 ZospeumThis is the smallest animal is the Zospeum tholussum of the Ellobiidae family. It has a transparent shell; the size is only two millimeters. It also lives in mountain caves and is completely blind, since it has no tentacles and antennae. The biggest snail, the giant Australian trumpeter, was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records in 1979. Its weight is 18 kg, the length is 78 cm, the volume of shell is 1.1 m. Another record holder is the African land ahatina, the body length of which is 39.3 cm, and the shells are 27.3 cm, practically all representatives of this species are large. How long does it take for a snail to overcome a distance of 33 centimeters? The fastest snail in the world, garden snail takes 2 minutes to do it. Its name is Archie and it lives in the UK.

Amazing snails

Hinea brasilianaEveryone knows that fireflies exist in nature, but it is still unknown that the mollusk can be glowed neon — green. This kind of Hineabrasiliana luminesces under the water and its shell transforms a small ray of light, strengthens it, dissipates the entire surface of the shell. Another wonderful representative is the snail-worm Vermetidae. It has unusual shell in the form of a calcareous tube, which is attached to the bottom. The body gives off special mucus, to which various foods stick. Snails swallow it later.


Among these seemingly harmless animals there are predators.A small huntress Helena eats its representatives of its own kind, also other representatives of the species, weaker than her. Oyster drill or Urosalpinxcinerea is another vivid representative of predators. It produces sulfuric acid, due to which it destroys the protection of other mollusks, eats them from the inside. Iridescent or Liguusvirgineus. The color spectrum of the shell is amazing: from pastel white with rainbow stripes of gently pink, yellow, light purple flowers, kepelno-seromuotenku with reddish-orange spiral patterns resembling a children’s Yule. There are also winged marine inhabitants.

tylomelania posoorange rabbitsnail

They are called the winged or Pteropoda mollusk. It moves, as if it is soaring, smoothly flapping wing-shaped fins.They almost have no shell and prefer living in the cold waters of Antarctica and Arctic seas. Tylomelania or «snail rabbit» got its name, because of the external similarity with fluffy animals is obvious. There are several representatives having this form, but they are radically different in color. The body is bright yellow, reminiscent of an exotic fruit, black in white speckles — a beautiful sea stone, black with a yellow tint on the folds of the leg. It resembles the skin of an elephant, while bright yellow antennae are similar with tusks.

 Snails in armors

Crysomallonsquamiferum inhabits the Indian Ocean at the junction of three lithospheric plates. This is the only living thing, in the skeleton of which iron sulphide predominates. Its leg and shell are covered with numerous plates that have been formed with greigite and pyrite. It protects the snail from the hostile environment.

Some facts about grape snail

grape snail

They are deaf and do not see anything, so they communicate through touch. Sugar and salt are capable of killing them, since they poison the digestive organs. They absorb moisture with their body and are also able to drink water. They have more teeth than sharks do. To be more exact, snail’s teeth count 25 thousand, while the whale shark has only 15 thousand teeth. Their brain activity led to the fact that they can think, make decisions. Thanks to protective mucus, they are not injured, crawling even along the blade.They are capable of carrying loads, exceeding their weight ten times. There are many amazing and interesting facts about the life of snails, but most are still unexplored! There is always something that we do not know.



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