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French escargot from «Snails House»

 The farm «Snails House» is engaged in gathering and cultivation of edible snails as well as preparation of refined dishes. We offer large wholesale bulks of a wide variety of delicatessen products. For the preparation of wonderful dishes we use only quality and natural ingredients. Buying wholesale bulks from us, will give you the opportunity to get quality product at a very competitive price. All products are packaged in specialized packaging and ready for transportation for long distances. Buy escargot from “Snails House”, which is prepared according to the best recipes of the world cuisine.

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«Snails House» located the fields in a picturesque and ecologically clean place. It is remote from cities and roads, surrounded by a dense forest, so our snails have all the necessary conditions for successful growth and reproduction. Qualified employees of our farm collect and sort the crop manually, carefully examining each shellfish, before further use. Our chefs use only natural ingredients for coking escargot from “Snails House”, according to the traditional and original recipes of French cuisine. We offer you the escargot purchase wholesale to be safe from long preparation.

Some words about escargots

Escargo is a delicious dish from the French cuisine. It is considered a delicacy all over the world. Although the snail is almost a national dish in Spain and Greece, it has gained most recognition in France. The French appreciate helix pomatia grown in Burgundy. The most popular recipe for their preparation is Bourgogne snails “or” Escargots en Bourgogne “. It has won the sympathies of gourmets around the world. The basis of “escargot Bourgogne” is a snail, butter, fresh parsley and garlic. Like all ingenious simple, this recipe is very simple. The oil is mixed with garlic and herbs, and then laid slightly on the bottom of the shell, followed by a piece of fillet. Another layer of sauce is covered with a shell and baked to allow the oil melting, and get the form of a sauce. The culture of eating of this dish looks as following. Restaurants usually serve escargot snails in shells in six portions each. They are beautifully laid in the escargot saucepan and served warm with a piece of baguette. The cutlery, served with this dish, looks more like surgery instruments and consists of tongs and a small fork with two prongs. The tongs are required to take a shell, and pull out the snail meat with a fork. Dip it into the sauce and put it into your mouth. This dish is perfectly combined with white wine. Along with grape snails, garden or Helix Aspersa type has become very popular in Europe and around the world. They are also used to make delicious delicacies. Recipes for the preparation of a wide variety of snails have spread throughout the world. The French eat escargots from helix pomatia, in Spain and Italy they prefer Helix Aspersa Muller and Maxima, as well as Helix Lucorum in sauces and with pasta.

Recipe of baked escargot with butter and spices

The variety of recipes for an escargot impresses. The same recipe for “Burgundy” is different in diverse regions of France. Many ingredients included in the recipe are also amazing. They prepare an escargot with gorgonzola and truffles, with goat and sheep cheese and many other interesting products. Baked escargot with butter and spices is simple, so you will need the following ingredients:
  • snails– 48 pieces,
  • large salt,
  • butter – 125 gr,
  • hazel-nut – 50 gr,
  • almond powder – 20 gr,
  • sweet wine -10 gr,
  • shallot 4 pieces,
  • milled pepper,
  • bread with hazelnuts – 80 gr.
Shalot should be cleaned, cut and fried with 25 gr of butter for two minutes, then added with wine and stewed for another two minutes. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining butter with chopped hazelnut, pepper, almond powder and hazelnut bread together with the crust. Add the shallots with wine to a bowl and mix. Put a piece of shellfish in each shell and cover with butter. Turn on the oven in grill mode. Put the shells on the baking tray with oil up and sprinkle with large salt. Bake for 10-15 minutes. Recipes for snails preparation can be found on other pages of our website. Note that before cooking, they must be cleaned and kept on a strict diet. It is faster and more convenient to buy ready-to-use escargots, just warm them in the oven and the delicious dish is ready for use.

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