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French escargot from «Snails House»

 The farm «Snails House» is engaged in gathering and cultivation of edible snails as well as preparation of refined dishes. We offer large wholesale bulks of a wide variety of delicatessen products. For the preparation of wonderful dishes we use only quality and natural ingredients. Buying wholesale bulks from us, will give you the opportunity to get quality product at a very competitive price. All products are packaged in specialized packaging and ready for transportation for long distances. Buy escargot from «Snails House», which is prepared according to the best recipes of the world cuisine.


Weight: 5 kg-unlimited

Packing: plastic bag, cardboard box.

Composition: Snail fillet, oil, white wine, pepper, salt, parsley, dill, carrots, celery, garlic, onions.

Buy the most delicious escargot wholesale

 «Snails House» located the fields in a picturesque and ecologically clean place. It is remote from cities and roads, surrounded by a dense forest, so our snails have all the necessary conditions for successful growth and reproduction. Qualified employees of our farm collect and sort the crop manually, carefully examining each shellfish, before further use. Our chefs use only natural ingredients for coking escargot from «Snails House», according to the traditional and original recipes of French cuisine. We offer you the escargot purchase wholesale to be safe from long preparation.

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