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Equipment for the snail farms

It has been revealed that snails migrated from gardens, lawns, vineyards to more comfortable living conditions: apartments, aquariums, aviaries and farms. Nowadays, people create favorable conditions for them, supporting their vital processes. If you decide to start snail breeding, remember this is a complicated business. Let’s understand what you need to know to make the business of breeding mollusks successful:

  • Relevance, use, demand.
  • Business plan for the snail farm
  • How to start a snail farm
  • Breeding and cage for snail helix Pomatia

Relevance, use, demand

This business is undoubtedly relevant. Nowadays, more and more people are thinking about a healthy lifestyle, finding the right foods. Since snail meat is considered ecologically pure, enriched with a useful protein, minimum fat content, cholesterol, rich in a complex of amino acids, it is known that demand always gives rise to a supply. In medicine and cosmetology, the mucus of mollusks is popular. It is used as a cure for respiratory diseases. The demand is explained by the growing popularity, constant increase in the quantity of consumption and lack of competitors in this business.

Business plan for the snail farm

Like any other business, this type of business requires a careful approach and studying all aspects, because it is not just an interesting concept, but profitable way of business. At the next stage, it is necessary to calculate all possible risks, investments, and ways of marketing. Detailed study of the breeding process, organization of the enclosure or the whole farm is required. Choice of a taxation system is also necessary.

How to start a snail farm

equipment-for-the-snail-farmsThe first task is finding the land for location of the future farm. Dimensions directly depend on the number of individuals and conditions, which are close to natural: — 1 g per 1 m2 (about 35-40 mollusks), or industrial volumes of 200 pieces per 1m2.The optimal time for obtaining the maximum benefit is 1.5 years. Therefore, it must be taken into account that in the winter the gastropods enter into anabiosis. However, in incubator conditions with an artificial temperature, one can shorten this period to 2-3 months.

Minimal requirements for the snail farm:

  • Land with thick flora
  • Cage, protecting from the insects
  • Artificial food
  • Breeder’s stock ready for reproduction

Breeding and cage for snail helix Pomatia

Terrestrial gastropods do not require special conditions of detention and organization, as they can live at an air temperature of 23 — 250 ° C. they are not freakish in food choice, prefer fresh vegetables, cabbage, leaves of plantain, grapes, currants, dandelion. They multiply one or two times per season, laying up to 80 eggs. When the temperature drops, they fall into till the beginning of the warm period. To organize a snail farm at home one has to obtain vast knowledge.  Building of the cage does not require substantial costs, as several bars and a fine mesh are the most important components of it. There are the following conditions to be met to construct the cage:

  •  reliability
  • protection from predators
  • mineral ground (mollusks use minerals from soil to strengthen the shell and lay eggs to the ground)

Presense of the greens, water, air and sunlight

Equipment for the snail farm

Helicyculture is the direction of agriculture, capable of providing maximum profit for a minimum time. It implies environmentally safe production, without causing environmental threats and reducing the population of the biological species.

If you decided to create a full-fledged snail breeding enterprise, this list of necessary equipment is useful:equipment-for-the-snail-farms

  • premises for the breeder’s stock with the temperature control (3 – 4 м2)
  • premises for the growth of young population (20 m2)
  • pallets or bars for mollusks to move
  • incubators and ditchers for egg laying
  • containers for young snails (20*30*20)
  • cage for young population
  • food with minerals (2 kilos per 40-50 mollusks)
  • vermiculture (the process of the use of earthworms to clean the soil of the products of the life of mollusks)

The farm for snail breeding can be of two types: hothouse and open type to grow young snails and lay eggs. If the process is stable, the profits will also be stable.



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