Dishes from snails

In the époque of increased popularity of healthy lifestyle, the demand for the products, containing lower amount of fat, but higher level of useful substances, increases. Therefore, products should be useful, in the first turn.

Dishes from snails

  It has been revealed that snail’s meat is one of the most useful food, since it contains a huge amount of useful components. «Snails House» offers high quality and ecologically clean product.
  • Snail liver
  • Snail pate
  • Escargots
These delicacies are prepared from the ecologically clean products. Our farm is located in the ecologically pristine areas in Ukraine. The snails are brought by the professionals; therefore their meat is so tasty and useful.
  Snail liver is an extremely delicate product, rich in a complex of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids. It is tender, with an extraordinary taste. Dishes made from the liver of a shellfish have an amazing taste. Real gourmets are ready to pay for such a dish. The virtuosic chefs used to surprise the visitors with the exquisite goose liver fua-gras, so now this priority is given to the snail liver. As we know, the liver is a filtering gland through which all substances, entering the body, pass. That’s why it’s very important to purchase this product only from a trusted supplier. We supply delicacies to different parts of the world, so we cooperate with many European restaurants. On our farm “Snails House” snails are carefully selected for sale. The crop is collected manually, so that not to damage the tender meat. We store all products in special boxes, under the supervision of specialists and compliance with all standards. Highly skilled chefs create masterpieces from fresh, quality ingredients to make your preparation easier. We comply with all technical standards for the cultivation, preparation, and storage of our products. Transportation is also carried out in special containers, where the quality and integrity of the product is preserved. Dishes, prepared from snails have a stunning taste and delicate texture. When buying our products, you get the chance to purchase useful food, but fresh and quality dishes. You are free to buy dishes from snails: escargot, liver and pate for further preparation of the most wonderful suppers.

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