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Cultivation of snails in natural habitats

A large number of advantages of the business of growing snails contributed to the active development of this business. A minimal competition and investment are attractive enough for entrepreneurs.

One of the most important peculiarities of snail business is thorough care of creatures. Although they are unpretentious, they still have their own characteristics. It is possible to breed mollusks both in the apartment and in its natural habitat; however, the process is different.


What snails are to be cultivated?

Grape snails are usually cultivated in natural habitats. Cold climate of Ukraine is suitable for them. They dig  20 cm into the ground in cold season and fall into anabiosis. Akhatins are unable to cultivate here, since they prefer warm climate.


Farm equipment

Cultivation of snails in natural habitats The natural environment means a farm for growing of snails. This is a garden with dimensions of 50 sq.m. It is enclosed and covered with a canopy to protect the mollusks from birds, hedgehogs and other small predators. In addition, spray insect repellent. However, it should be safe for the snails.

A serious enemy for mollusks is a mole. Snails need soil, because you cannot cover the garden with boards, you have to drive them away manually.

Another important point about the fence to remember is that the fence should have rounding up so that the snails (who can crawl at a 90-degree angle) do not crawl out of the garden. Additional protection: installing wiring with a small electric charge (4-12 volts).

The farm must me very comfortable for the snails to grow healthy:

  • The soil should be constantly fertilized and calcified;
  • There must be many plants in the garden. You can locate the farm in the territory, covered with the weed or plant nonagricultural grapes.

Care for snails

Cultivation of snails in natural habitats Grape snails like dark and wet places. Therefore, you must always maintain humidity and protect the area of the farm from direct sunlight.

If the garden is properly equipped, it is possible not to provide nutrition for the mollusks, since they will receive energy from weeds and vine leaves. However, it is sometimes recommended to feed snails with special food, including eggs, cottage cheese or bread.

Natural conditions contribute to natural nutrition, but also to the reproduction of snails, because breeding new creatures requires waiting.


What to do next?

As soon as you have snails, it is high time to sell it. There are many points, where you can offer snails in Ukraine. They offer good conditions.They accept:

  • Live, healthy grape snails with the shell in good condition;
  • Snails with the shell diameter starting from 3 cm;
  • Awaken snails or those in the state of anabiosis.

You can know the conditions in managers or in the Internet. Ravlykomania has all links and contacts below.

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