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Cooked snails

Cooked snails from «Snails House»

 «Snails House» is one of the largest snail farms в Европе. We are engaged in cultivation and collection of Helix Pomatia, Helix Aspersa Maxima and Helix Aspersa Muller and preparation of savory delicacies from them. «Snails House» offers you to buy cooked snails wholesale.  Escargot, prepared after delicious recipes of the world cuisine, are packed into specialized containers for convenient transportation.

Buy cooked snails in bulk

 The farm «Snails House» is located far from major cities. Surrounded by forests, fields of our farm retain wet even in the dry period, which is necessary for normal growth of shellfish. Snail meat is ecologically clean and very gentle, due to the natural habitat from which they receive all nutrients. The crop is collected manually and sent for further preparation. Buying the ready-to-use products from «Snails House» in bulks, you are guaranteed to save time, without losing quality.

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