Bourguignon snails

«Snails House» is the leading farm in Europe, specialized in the snails’ cultivation. We deal with cultivation and wholesale trade of fresh and prepared snails, cooked after the most soulful receipts of the world cuisine. In the process of “Bourguignon snails” preparation, we use fresh and organic components and snails of exclusive quality. The snails have passed all the stages of refinery and preparation, so you will not need to hire expensive cooks. Delicacies from «Snails House» are ready, so you should just warm them up in order to have fresh dishes of the high cuisine in the shortest time span. Upon condition of buying our products in bulk, you economize on the preparation process, preserving the quality of dishes.

Perfect living conditions for snails

The increased amount of the consumed best quality mollusks resulted in the necessity of foundation of the farms, specialized in their cultivation. The company «Snails House» cultivates snails in natural conditions, favorable for their breeding. The main conditions for favorable and successful breeding of snails and their cultivation are control of temperature and moisture level. Scientific researchers have proven that snails’ meat is rich in vitamin B, A and PP complexes, so it is highly recommended for consumption.

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The species, reached the desired dimensions, undergo special treatment and refinery. Afterwards, they are ready for preparation after the receipts of the traditional French cuisine. People from many countries consume unique and useful mollusks. Their use in the high cuisine is explained with the considerable amount of protein content and unsaturated fatty acids. They make escargots useful, but dietary. Dishes from mollusks are considered delicacies and used in the menu of expensive European restaurants.

Escargot Bourgogne recipe

Snail bourguignon recipe is one of the most popular and favorite dishes in the world. Despite the delicacy of this viand, it is often cooked at home. Shop posses cooled, frozen or conserved escargots. You will need the following ingredients for preparation:
  • Snail’s meat;
  • shells;
  • white wine;
  • carrots;
  • onion;
  • root of parsley;
  • green smallage;
  • vinegar;
  • flavours (bay leaf, thyme, salt).
It is necessary to shell mollusks, which are carefully washed and boiled. Snails’ meat is added with wine, vinegar and cut vegetables. Then it should be cooked on a slow fire for an hour. At the end of boiling, snails are cooled in the broth. It is advised to cook escargots in the white or garlic sauce at home. The remaining shells are carefully washed and boiled with addition of soda. Then it is necessary to wash them and dry. Put some garlic oil on the bottom of the shell, then add shell and put garlic oil again. Put the stuffed escargots a la Bourguignonne on the frying pan with oil upwards, warm them up for 5-8 mins and serve. You can decorate the prepared dish with large salt or greens. You can try the delicacy right at home. Due to modern technologies, favorite dish of many Europeans is available as ready-to-use product, therefore, you can cook snail in bourguignon, in somierski , in limousine yourself.  It is necessary to simply unfreeze them in order to have ready-to-eat delicacy. This kind of transportation gives an opportunity to deliver snails to any country of the world. Due to special containers for transportation, products remain fresh and tasty. Order the highest quality products at the company «Snails House»! We organize wholesale delivery of escargots all over the world!

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