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Baby Snails

Whatever business you decide to develop, you need to get started. Snail business is not an exception. When the farm is ready, all the documents are collected; it is time to search for the product itself — the snail, or to be more precise — the baby snail. You do not have to go far, because we have everything you need:

  • Baby snail of Helix aspersa maxima
  • Baby snail of Helix aspersa muller

You get more than a qualitative product, but assurance in the quality of the baby snail that been brought up in the ecologically clean farm. In addition, you can get specialists’ consultation on how to take of baby snails.

Helix Aspersa Maxima Baby Snails

Helix Aspersa Muller Baby Snails


Breeding and growing of mollusks

As snails are hermaphrodites, each animal lays eggs for 10 sm in the ground in the process of mating.

Maturation takes place from three to four weeks. Then the shell bursts and mollusk appears, but they need about ten days to get to the surface. It consumes nutrients in the soil.

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