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Amazing facts about snails

Malacology is a science about snails is very popular. It makes scientists to discover new facts about these creatures. There are many facts, however investigators do not stand still and discover new interesting facts.

  • The brain of snails is divided into four parts, allowing them to think, make decisions, and memorize the location.
  • Based on the neural tissue of these animals, a drug has been developed that can combat epilepsy. Now this drug is being actively tested.
  • Researchers at the University of Cleveland, Ohio, created a cyborg-snail using a mouth muscle of Aplysia californica (sea mollusk). This robot moves mechanically, being under the influence of an electric field, but scientists are trying to create a unique mechanism, based on their own nerve nodes of the mollusk.
  • The animal does not make any sounds. On Earth, there is only one «singing» species of snails. It is African Akhatin. It makes different sounds when it is near the water.Amazing facts about snails
  • The slowest snail is Akhatina. It develops the speed of 7 centimeters per minute. While the fastest snail reaches 33 centimeters in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • The snail has a nervous system. It consists of 20,000 neurons, while worms have 302, fish have several thousand, and insects have up to 1 million neurons.
  • Shellfish drink water. Once near the water, this animal sucks the fluid, like a pump. They are also capable of absorbing body moisture.
  • Movement is carried out by contracting the muscles of the leg of the cochlea. These waves pass from the end to the beginning of the movable leg.
  • An animal can remain in a state of anabiosis for up to 6 months. Even at a critical temperature of -1200 C. For the entire period of rest, the animal loses up to 50% of the body weight.
  • They communicate by tactile touch, because they are blind. The snails are capable of distinguishing between day and night.

The first creatures of the Earth are unique! We will keep on discovering new interesting facts about these amazing creatures!

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