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Our snail farm offers live garden and grape snails, as well as a ready-to-use escargot. Our team employs professional chefs who create an escargot after the best traditional and original recipes of world culinary. We use the freshest and natural products, as well as spicy and fragrant herbs that emphasize the taste of amazing delicacy mollusks. All our products are thoroughly tested and have all the necessary quality certificates in accordance with international standards.

We are huge snail breeder; therefore all the contracts are signed in advance in order to organize timely delivery and supply of the huge bulks of snails. «Snails House» sticks to the principle of individual approach to each client. We choose conditions of cooperation, which are the most appropriate for you.

«Snails House» meets the needs of its customers, offering favorable prices for the highest quality products. Buying products from garden and grape snails directly from the manufacturer, you are guaranteed to receive the freshest items with excellent quality and taste characteristics at favorable prices.

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«Snails House» — is a Ukrainian company of Polish origin that specializes in cultivation and snails farming, as well creation of products from them. We are one of the hugest escargot suppliers, which deliver the wholesale bulks of snail products all over the world. We demonstrate the best qualitative and quantitative indexes in this industry. Big restaurants and companies prefer our products, since we ensure high quality and ecologically clean goods.

The head office of the company is in Warszawa, Poland. The snail farm itself is situated in Ukraine and takes 600000 m² of territory in the ecologically clean place, surrounded by forests, where the snails live in natural habitat.  These conditions contribute positively in the quality of their meat and number of crops. With the help of the latest Italian and German equipment and a team of professional employees, we collect significant crops of shellfish and create products of the highest quality from them.

Snail farming

Snail farm «Snails House» collects and breeds Helix Aspersa Maxima, Helix Aspersa Muller and Helix Pomatia types. The crop that has reached the necessary commercial and consumer requirements is collected manually. All mollusks undergo several stages of cleaning and processing prior to be delivered for further use. Employees of the farm work hard by carefully sorting and examining of each snail. Modern equipment allows preserving caviar, fillet and marinated snails without losing the tender texture and flavor of each product. Each stage of production undergoes careful control over the observance of quality and sanitary standards.

Delivery and payment

Method of payment

Payments are conducted only after signing of the contract. You can contact us on the website or through social networks. We will get back to you shortly to discuss the most suitable way of payment and conditions of delivery, which will suit each customer individually.

Method of delivery

“Snails House” deliver snails and products from them to Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA. Deliver costs are calculated for each customer individually. Fill out the form on our website and indicate the most suitable way of delivery for you and will contact you for further negotiations!

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